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New Extrusion & Injection Barrels

W-J Incorporated specializes in the design and manufacturing of new barrels and offers services for rebuilding and repairing [1] of extrusion barrels, injection barrels and related components for single or twin screw systems.

With our specialized CAD/CAM software and in-house machining services we can design and manufacture new barrels that meet OEM specifications and machine new custom barrels.

Our new barrel manufacturing process can provide you with a part that meets or exceeds OEM specs at a lower cost than purchasing a new barrel from the OEM company. Our machining services consistently prove to be a cost effective solution for replacing feedscrew barrels.

Our expertise is in working with barrels for injection molding, blow molding and extrusion for plastics and rubber manufacturing applications. We offer consulting, inspection, design and a wide range of CNC machining, repair and rebuilding services including replacement liners.

Contact us today to discuss your needs for a new replacement barrel or related component.

New Barrel Steel Materials


  • 4140/4150 HT
  • Nitralloy 135M
  • 300/400 Series Stainless
  • 17-4ph Stainless
  • JP38

Liner (inlay) Options

  • Nitrided
  • Tool Steels
  • D-2
  • CPM-10V
  • Vanadis


  • Nickel-Boron
  • Tungsten-Carbide
  • Nickel-Cobalt

Barrel Rebuilding

Thermo-plastic and Thermo-set Barrels

Replacement Liners
  • D-2
  • CPM-10v
  • Vanadis
  • Bi-Metallics
    • Nickel-Boron
    • Tungsten-Carbide
    • Nickel-Cobalt

Common Repairs

  • Barrel inspections
  • Remove screws
  • Install liners (re-sleeve)
  • Repair grooves / keyways
  • Repair bolt / feed holes
  • Tap threads
  • Polishing or resurfacing

* Call to discuss any special requirements you have that are not addressed here.


Dimensional Guidelines

Materials & Wear

Industry Organizations

General Capabilities

  • Bore size range 18mm – 254mm
  • Thermo-plastic, Thermo-set, Extruder
  • Liner (resleeving) material options; nitrided, tool steels, D-2, CPM IOV, Vanadis, and Bi-Metallics including Nickel-Boron, Tungsten-Carbide, Nickel-Cobalt

Barrel Rebuilding

Rebuilding a feedscrew barrel is often an option to extend the useful life of a barrel and avoid the cost of buying a replacement barrel. Our re-sleeving process can have your barrel totally reconditioned and quickly shipped back to your plant.

We will inspect your barrel for defects, machine the bore and install a liner that brings your barrel up to OEM specifications. Call us to discuss your situation and learn about pricing for feed screw barrel rebuilding or barrel repair [8] services.

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