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Feedscrew Manufacturing & Repair

New Replacement Feedscrew or Barrel

In some situations a feedscrew or barrel may be worn or damaged beyond repair, thus creating the need for a new part. We offer turnkey services for feedscrew inspection, design consulting and precision CNC milling and machining for new replacement parts. Explore feedscrew products [3]

Repair, Reconditioning and Rebuilding

We offer feedscrew and barrel repair, rebuilding and reconditioning services for any brand of equipment used for injection molding, blow molding and extruding of polymers, plastics and rubber. We also offer nozzles, valves, tips and related compounding and mixing components. All of our work is done in the United States by highly skilled engineers and craftsmen. Explore feedscrew repair [2]

Feedscrew Design

Our in-house feedscrew design experts can prepare designs that meet OEM specifications or create custom feedscrew designs to improve specific performance characteristics. If you need a new part our engineering consultants will work with you to determine the best type of material and finish for your feedscrew or barrel. Our design staff can create profiles that improve production efficiency, thermal issues and wear problems. Explore feedscrew design [5]

Inspection and Troubleshooting

We offer on-site services for feedscrew inspections, troubleshooting and calibration needs. From completing wear measurement analysis and diagnosing problems, to bore gauging and laser alignments we can provide the services you need for preventative maintenance, repairs and equipment setup. Explore feedscrew services [8]

W-J Incorporated – Your full service supplier for feedscrew services!