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Product Design

CAD Design & Engineering Services

Our manufacturing expertise begins with our engineering experts working with you to design the new feedscrew, barrel or component that meets your exact requirements.

Why Design Services Matter

A feed screw company that offers feedscrew design services can be a valuable resource. With years of experience and specific manufacturing knowledge a feedscrew designer can provide recommendations that improve efficiency and performance. While OEM designs universally perform well a manufacturer usually has unique needs that can be handled with relatively minor adjustments. When screws or barrels become excessively worn or even damaged there is an opportunity to use a new replacement part that is better than OEM design specifications.

Feed Screw Material Design Considerations

When designing a new feedscrew or barrel you have the opportunity to select the feedscrew steel and finishes [1] that will provide optimal wear and longevity. Our feedscrew design experts can introduce material and finish options including explaining the advantages offered by each of these.

Performance Driven Feed Screw Design

The type of material you are processing and your desired production rate are key performance considerations. Whether it is adjusting material flow rates, controlling mixes or temperatures we have the knowledge to make effective and smart recommendations. If you can define what you need to achieve we can design and manufacture a new feedscrew [2] that meets the requirements.

Design Reference Information

Dimensional Guidelines

Materials & Wear

Design Cut Sheet

Feedscrew design specifications and photographs [7]

Click to get your estimate. [8]

Application Considerations

Feed screw design must focus on mixing, pumping, melting and conveying tasks. Application specific elements that affect output include:

  • Feedscrew total length
  • Flight length
  • Feed zone
  • Melting zone
  • Metering zone
  • Channel depth
  • Helix angle
  • Flight clearance
  • Flight width
  • Screw O.D. /Barrel size
  • Lead (spacing)
  • Material to be processed
  • Volumetric feeding
  • Continuous feeding
  • Steel and Finishes
  • Wear and durability
  • Nozzle & tip design
  • Temperatures control

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