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Repairs & Rebuilding

Screw & Barrel Repair and Rebuilding

When feasible, making the decision to repair or rebuild your feedscrew or barrel can provide a substantial cost savings and extend the useful life of these vital parts. We can usually let you know if this is an option by assessing your screw or barrel with an on site inspection or by viewing photos. If your part is damaged or worn beyond repair we can manufacture a new barrel or new feedscrew that meets the appropriate specifications.

Cost Saving Recommendations

We offer expert consulting and recommendations to guide you to the most cost effective method to repair or rebuild a feedscrew or barrel. Part of our value proposition is finding the lowest cost solution that meets your particular needs.

Incredible Repair and Reconditioning Skills

Our PTA and CNC machining enable us to make not only routine repairs but to also routinely rebuild parts that our customers had thought were beyond repair. Contact us to discuss your needs and to learn more about what we have to offer for barrel and screw repair, rebuilding and reconditioning.

  • Installation troubleshooting
  • Feedscrew installation
  • Optical alignment
  • Laser alignment
  • Bore gauging
  • Motor alignment
  • Wire and cable work
  • Stuck feedscrew removal
  • Maintenance consulting

OEM Manufacturers

We can often repair or rebuild parts made by any of a large number of OEM suppliers. Click this link to see a list of OEM equipment brands [1].

Click to get your estimate. [2]

Rebuilding Process

Inspection & Assessment

Every feedscrew repair or rebuilding job begins with a visual feedscrew inspection and physical measuring of critical dimensions to assess the feasibility of a repair.

The results of the inspection are compiled and then reviewed by our engineering team. If the assessment is favorable for repair or reconditioning a cost proposal is prepared. You will then be contacted with the feedscrew repair cost or advised that the feedscrew cannot be salvaged.

If Repair Is Possible

Upon your authorization to proceed your feedscrew will be thoroughly reworked. Repair and reconditioning steps include:

  • Stripping any plated finish
  • Surface prep and plasma arc welding to replace lost hard facing material (steel)
  • CNC machining to reshape the feedscrew to proper tolerances and required specifications
  • Application and polishing of the final finish
  • All rebuilt feedscrews are given a final quality check to assure acceptable tolerances and error free work. Your feedscrew is then shipped to your destination.

    We offer expert field services for the removal of stuck feedscrews and installation of rebuilt or new feedscrews.

Feed Screw Repairs

We offer complete feed screw repair and machining services done with plasma transfer arc (PTA) equipment. Our most common screw repair services are:

  • Primary flight diameter rebuilds
  • Minor diameter repairs
  • Nozzle thread repairs
  • Drive end repairs
  • Bearing journal repairs

Barrel Repair and Rebuilding

We offer barrel repair and reconditioning services for thermo-plastic and thermo-set barrels including replacement liners. Our most common barrel repair and reconditioning services are:

  • Remove broken screws from barrels
  • Repair grooves
  • Repair and reline water jackets
  • Re-sleeving with new liner
  • Pressure testing and acid flushing

Customer Comments

“You guys saved us a substantial amount of money and the turnaround time was much faster than we anticipated. We are more than happy. Thanks!”
Mike S. ~ Kansas City, MO

“We were convinced we had to buy a new feed screw and were pleasantly surprised to learn you could repair it after two other companies turned it down. You’re now our preferred vendor.”
Alan P. ~ Dallas, TX

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